Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Halloween

I told you guys that I had gotten a little tired of the Paris Grey! This is YELLOW and it screams AWESOME! I took an old cabinet that was missing the bottom doors and mirror then just put a chalkboard where the mirror was and 2 cutesy baskets in the bottom. I would love this in my kitchen or laundry room or under the carport to write love notes to the family.

Next up, pink. I love pink. It makes me feel happy and tickles my soul. This old chest was so tired and dumpy(a lot like me lately) so I decided to make it sing again. I am pretty sure that it is whistling the happiest little tune around now!

I love the alcove behind the vault. It makes the coziest bedroom!

This is my splurge from Texas. I have always wanted one of these barn toppers. I finally got one. If someone doesn't buy it soon it may have to go home with me.

Happy Halloween from your friendly spooks at Alice and Jay. We hope that your weekend is filled with loads of treats and a few fun tricks.


  1. Your store looks great. Sure enjoyed seeing the beginning to here views.
    - Joy

  2. My eyes, my eyes! They just popped out of my head when I saw the twin bed room. This is similar to what I want to do for my nieces in my sewing room. To.Die.For. I have the beds, chairs and some ladders for behind the beds to attach to the wall, all the bedding and the accessories. Just need to paint the furniture and have a brick wall installed. Easy, right?
    Love your shop, Tina

  3. The alcove is perfect! Wish I could visit in person. We've sold some of our hot colored furniture, people love it! You did a great job on yours!