Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Happy Halloween from Alice and Jay!
Hello! It has been a while. I feel as though I was swallowed up by the crypt keeper this last month and couldn't escape and I am pretty sure that I acquired a few of his bad habits while I was stuck down there. Has anyone else who has experienced hysterectomy induced menopause felt this way? It is quite frustrating and I am going to try and move forward as quickly as possible. If anyone has any advice, I welcome it(and I am certain that my co workers do too!)

We packed up Halloween in the store yesterday to get ready for Christmas. It still seems a bit odd to pack up a holiday before it even arrives! I am hoping to have the Christmas Spirit by next weekend.

I am off to paint, paint , paint today. I'll try and show you a few new things we have. I have the usual paris greys and whites but this mood has stirred things up a bit in my painting. I brought out the hot pink, yellow, and orange this week. Everyone is in shock around here.

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  1. Are you on HRT? I had a hysterctomy at 35 and I'd be a crazy mess if I didn't take estrogen.
    I tried it all, but nothing really worked but a very low dose of compounded estrogen that I get from my endocrinologist.
    Hope you'll be feeling better soon...the blahs are no fun. : (