Saturday, September 10, 2011

dust off your brooms!

Dust off your brooms and get your pointy hats ready! Our Witches night out is this coming Friday evening.
We have a brand new coven of witchy women to beautify your front porch and hand out treats to your neighborhood ghouls.

This fancy lady is Frances Irene. She was born and raised with the proverbial silver broom. Frances prefers to go home with someone of that certain social standing and would like a large front porch to ensure that her image stays intact.

Edna Eiween, on the other hand, says that she can handle any situation. Her downtown upbringing has given her the upper hand when it comes to getting rid of the tricksters to make room for the treaters.

Behind those bat wing glasses sits a guard dog of a witch just waiting to protect and serve your Halloween porch.

We have been making these front porch candy witches for years now and we never tire of them. They add so much fun to your house and the kids just love them. We also make pirates, mad scientists, and maybe a witch doctor. They are all patiently waiting in the old bank vault to make their debut at our open house. The candy shipment came in yesterday! We have so many boogers, worms, eyeballs, gummy ear wax, and maggots for all our small witches and warlocks. This is going to be fun, fun, fun!

One last footnote-we, at Alice and Jay, believe in celebrating life and all of the imagination and creativity that comes with that magical rainbow given to us so graciously. Our Halloween fun is meant to take you to a place of childhood fantasy where you can be anything you wish. We don't do scary and we don't do gory BUT we do have a really good time. We hope you can join us.


  1. Follower 100, just letting you know how wonderful your creations are.

  2. Love Edna Eiween, those witches are so cute!
    XXX Ido