Wednesday, July 6, 2011

wedding fun

This week my family is celebrating! We are having a wedding! Weddings are a wonderful excuse to party and play and do all things silly. Last night, we had a girls night out complete with wine and fabulous food then we topped it all off with pedicures.
I am so blessed. We are a farm family that has lived on the same land over 100 years. My Dad is 88 and his brother is 86. They were born and raised right where we celebrate this week. Most of us have moved away and have lives elsewhere, but coming home is always...well, coming HOME. Home is a sacred place that is buried deep in our hearts and souls, it may fade with time but just come back and the colors seem to intensify as you look around. The sights, the sounds, the smells...delightful!
Today, we are putting up tents and cleaning as the reception will be in my parents backyard. I feel like the stars that are going to shine down on us Friday night will be filled with precious souls like Grandma Girlie, granddaddy Lewie, Papa Taylor, Grandma Taylor, and Great Grandmas and Grandpas that we haven't met yet. I'll bet my Aunt Eva and Aunt Nellie will even be watching so that they can have a little gossip(picture 2 little tiny old ladies wearing sensible shoes and a hat, sitting quietly in the corner watching everything that is going on! That was Eva and Nellie!) There, they all will watch as we welcome a new member to our family.

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