Sunday, July 10, 2011

having the time of her life

My daughter is having the time of her life in Africa. She spent the first 2 weeks in Swaziland camping in the Savanna. Their mission was to monitor the activity around a "watering hole". Ok, I conjured up this mental image of a great big mud puddle with a few tents hidden in the trees and a big water bottle hanging from the tree for a shower. Here is how it really was. "Mom, this is the most fabulous place on Earth. Our campsite is on the ledge of a mountain overlooking the Savanna and a beautiful river. I can wash my hair and look down in the valley and watch the baboons, giraffe, impala, and elephants playing in the river". That mud hole doesn't sound so bad anymore! They spent their days counting stork nests, watching animals come to the river, and searching and collecting the poachers traps that are prevalent in this region. She didn't want to leave.

Until they reached their next destination, Kruger National Park. Again, "Mom, this is the most fabulous place on earth! We are sleeping in thatched roofed huts where the monkeys and baboons come and sit on our porches. Today, we had an all day safari and then took a sunset/night safari. We saw Lion, leopard, bufflalo, hippo, rhino, elephant, and some animals her Mom has never heard of! I never want to leave."
Until they moved on down the road. "Mom, we did the most amazing things today! I dove 40 feet off of a cliff in the Blyde River Canyon then we washed off in the waterfall before we went to explore the canyon and go caving. After lunch, we took a river cruise and saw hippos and crocodiles. I am definitely going to move back here and live."
I wonder what tomorrow will bring? She still has 2 more weeks of fun ahead.
I wonder if she is going to want to come home?

Isn't it magical to be 19 years old and have a dream come true!
Kelsey, If you have time to read this...keep trying new things, take a moment every day to let the wonder of it all sink in, and please come home! I love you, sunshine.

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  1. Wow! that is amazing. And I thought Africa was ugly, hot and dusty, good for your daughter, keep us updated!
    Have a wonderful week!
    XXX Ido