Tuesday, October 26, 2010

hokey pokey

You put your right foot in....you put your left foot in....
you put your right leg in....you put your left leg in.... You turn yourself around...
Doesn't our new bench make you want to do the hokey pokey? Why settle for an ordinary bench on your back porch. Heck, put this on your front porch and we guarantee that you will be the talk of the neighborhood.
Smile- the sunshine is good for your teeth!


  1. Ouch! A whole new meaning to the "Hokey Pokey". Very nice looking legs!

  2. Jesse said it is creepy! Just right for the season.

  3. What a weird table!! I thought of your store when I was in Valdosta last week. I bought a few pieces to "recreate" from a lady there that has a ton of furniture and antiques. She goes to auctions and estate sales all over Florida and has a building full of stuff, decent prices too. Thought you might be interested in seeing what she has. Her name is Connie and her email is Connw2 at bellsouth dot net

  4. Thanks Kristy! We will check her out