Monday, March 29, 2010

three days

Here is one of the reasons that I wanted to come to Texas in April. Bluebonnets. Wildflowers are everywhere and with the warm weather they seem to be popping out in front of us!

Our first treat of the day was Magnolia Pearl. We had ordered a book about her and been reading it over the last few weeks. She and her husband were the first ones to come by our booth this morning.
Jay and I have eaten too many Reese cups! Our cheeks are chubby! Here is a peek at Magnolia Pearl's booth. She has the most fabulous clothes ever!

So, it took us ALL day to get everything in our booth. I knew I had packed tight, but let me assure you that we took advantage of every inch of that 20' trailer. Here are a few pictures of our little spot.

After a long day unpacking we went for a walk to marvel at all of the stuff. Here is a little of what we saw...

lots and lots of the neatest goodies. Wish you were all here with us!

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