Sunday, March 21, 2010

salvation on a Sunday

The words Salvation and Sunday have always been synonymous in the deep south. Now, don't get me wrong, I still believe that these two go hand in hand but today(Sunday) took a little detour. Today, my salvation was found in a Reese's cup.
The store is being emptied in to the trailer so that we can make our journey to Marburger next weekend. Last minute projects and decisions are being wrapped up and packed tightly away in hopes that Texas will treat us kindly next week. Jay and I are tired and stressed. If you have ever owned your own business I know you understand. Jay and I have had fever blisters, ulcers, and I even have the shingles! We have been working non stop for weeks. Today, as we ran to the store for our usual mid afternoon soda, Jay purchased a Reese cup.
That beautiful orange wrapper sat on the truck seat between us all the back to the store. I wasn't going to mention opening the package and politely allow Jay to take the initiative. We were discussing our woes and worries and I was about to get out of the truck when Jay picked up the candy and said , "hey, lets eat our chocolate !" My heart skipped a beat at the thought of the yummy cup of goodness.
The day has been cloudy and rainy-down right gloomy! As I placed the cup upon my knee, the sun began to shine. I sat and stared at my chocolate as if it were a diamond waiting to be scooped up. It was so beautiful that I had to take a picture. I wanted to capture the feeling of hopelessness being consumed by sunlight and transformed into this glorious delight. It took 3 bites to eat it all. Three bites that swept my soul from a sad dark hole to a renewal of energy and hope.
My taste buds have settled back in to their state of neutrality now but the memory remains. Thanks to the Reese cup for a tiny taste of Euphoria and thanks to God for the gift of it all! List of things to do when we return from Texas - Weight Watchers!

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  1. I think you should send this to Reese's as an idea for an advertisement!