Tuesday, March 16, 2010

packing it up

We are packing up for our big trip to Texas! Since our trailer was stolen a few weeks ago, we have been in the market for a new one. I stumbled upon this cool furniture removal truck. I could pack it FULL and the color is great! We will look snazzy driving around Texas in this!

Our accommodations will no longer be an issue either. I found these two fabulous homes that we can live in while in Texas. Mine, of course, will be the English Tudor style home while Jay can stay in the smaller Manor with the garage. I also have travel between our homes and the show taken care of.

Our own little train depot. I can't wait to ride the train! And finally, as fate would have it, I found the perfect outfit for Jay to wear while helping our customers at Marburger.

He looks handsome in red! Now all I need to make this happen is a little bottle found in the bottom of a rabbit hole, that reads, "Drink me!"


  1. What else could a girl ask for? I think the red outfit would look great on Jay!

  2. Ahhhhhhhh! Texas in springtime. Blossoms will popping out everywhere you look. Have fun!

  3. You are just all ready to go... outfits and all. We will have to meet up and visit now that you've moved on up to the big house...

    Sorry to hear about your trailer...hope it wasn't full of your goodies.

    Be careful and have a safe trip


  4. WOW, I have plastic food I can send right over so you wont go hungry! Have the best of times!


  5. Joy,
    The groceries would be the icing on our cupcake! Thanks for the good wishes. Alice