Saturday, August 13, 2011

sweet feet

Happy Saturday! I hope everyone has a splendid weekend planned and it is full of sunshine! We have a store full of new furniture today so we hope you can drop in to see us. We put some new items on the online store this week too. This sign is my new favorite! I am moving my youngest daughter in to her first college apartment this afternoon and I am going to take this to hang in their den. The only thing, I better get to learning how to roast red peppers! I never knew!

And from the workshop this week..... lessons learned the hard way. I was happily painting and waxing with my wonderful Annie Sloan while unbeknownst to me, I had an audience.

This is what happens when your audience has walked across your table while the paint was still a bit damp, then you wax it.

If I didn't love that little Harvey so much, he might have gotten in trouble! If the table had been going home with me, I might have just left that sweet little print but luckily it just sanded right off and Harvey is still trying to help!

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  1. I love that sign Alice, and that kitty is the cutest ever. Have a wonderful weekend!
    XXX Ido