Saturday, August 20, 2011

saturday night date

Hello! It has been a while. We have been busy, busy with the renovations on the bank and I have been painting like a mad woman to get a little ahead. I will be out for a few weeks to have some body work. I seem to have reached that age where a few of parts need removing and few need some routine maintenance to keep them going till I reach my million mile mark. Hopefully, it will be a short and sweet visit to the repair shop and I will be back spinning wheelies in no time! In the meantime, I have made Jay a VERY long list!

In the other meantime, I found this image on tiny white daisies and fell in love. Can you imagine a Saturday evening under the stars like this! I don't think I could pull it off(because you would be carried off by swarms and swarms of mosquitos and gnats down here in South Georgia!)..but wouldn't it be loverly, if you could!

Have a simply CRAZY weekend and fill it with nonsense and sillies!


  1. I hope everything goes well at the maintenance shop and you look beautiful after the visit. I think I will be heading that way pretty soon! (meaning next week)
    XXX Ido