Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year! A new year, a new beginning. Jay and I have been contemplating our new plan for the year. We usually begin the year with a thorough cleaning, painting, and mini remodel. While our plan is still to begin the painting next week, we are torn with our direction to go with the store. Do we continue as we have? ... Do we try a new twist?.... Or do we simply put the "closed" sign on the front windows and start fishing for a living? We are truly thankful for our wonderful customers and in a bad economy, life has been has also been very hard. It is extremely difficult to find those fabulous treasures, clean them, paint them, repair them and then sell them for a reasonable amount. I am certain that we are not alone but we are tired. Is anyone else out there tired? I always tell Jay when we get tired,"let's get on our big girl panties and get going".
Next week we will put our thinking caps on and think...think...think....pray...pray....and pray! If you have any ideas...we would love to hear them.
But for today, Happy, happy new year to all. xoxo Alice and Jay


  1. Happy new year to you guys! Looking forward to 2011, it's gonna be a great one!

  2. Happy New Year to you too sweet pea! I wish I had some ideas to share with you, but I'm still stymied by my own crossroad. Hmmm ... which way to go, which way to go?