Thursday, September 16, 2010

On the plains of Montiel

In the sixteenth century, romances of chivalry, written in absurd, exaggerated style were popular in Spain.
A dignified gentleman by the name of Quixada went crazy over these foolish books. His brain was stuffed with enchantments, quarrels, battles, challenges, wounds, magic salves, complaints, amours, torments, giants, castles, captured maidens, gallant rescues, and all sorts of impossible deeds of daring, which seemed as true to him as the most authentic history. Every innkeeper was a magnate; every mule-driver a cavalier.
He decided that for his own honor and for the service of the world he must turn knight errant and jaunt through the world redressing wrongs and rescuing captured princesses. He changed his name to Don Quixote de la Mancha and set out on the adventure of a lifetime.
I haven't thought about this story for a long, long....really long time. Until yesterday. Yesterday, when I tried to take a few pictures of the things that we have ready to take to Texas. I am certain that we have a handful of "giant" windmills, a couple of monks with a captured princess, an "army" of sheep, and a barber wearing a brass basin on his head! This load is full of so full of magic beans that we may have a giant beanstalk growing in our booth. I tried to take a few pictures but sadly none of them turned out. Sancho and I will begin our packing this weekend and we hope to meet up with all of you in the promised land called Marburger Farms. Who knows, there may even be a windmill or two to have a tilt with.

See you there. Don Quixote by Miguel De Cervantes

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