Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How could this be so hard

How could changing the look of your blog be so hard! After all, they have websites and gadgets and widgets and help you. The cutest blog on the block...NOT!!! Why, oh why, can't I figure it out. I feel like Charlie Brown when Lucy has gotten the best of him...AAAUUGGGHH!


  1. You're not kidding, Auntie! But your blog is awesome even when you think it's a mess! I wish mine was half as good.
    Let's get together and commiserate!

  2. It's hard, because there is no INSTRUCTION MANUAL for this blogging stuff. At least, none that I have found. Sometimes I think about tricking out my blog, but then I go ... never mind.

  3. It can be really frustrating! Just walk away, and when you come back to it, it might seem a little clearer--that works for me sometimes, but not always. I hope to get down to your shop sometime--I actually came by on my recent trip, but it ended up being 8:00 in the morning, and I couldn't wait for two hours for everything to open! I'll plan better next time!