Thursday, July 5, 2012

Everybody needs a Jay!

"I need a Jay!". If I had a penny for every time I have heard this, I could buy the Taj Mahal! I totally agree but you can't have this one.

I have been a very sad someone for a while. You see, I lost my precious Daddy. It has shaken my world. In the midst of my sadness, dear sweet Jay took a very sad day and made me a smile more than he could ever imagine.

I always have project after project on Jay's proverbial to-do list and I had been concocting a bed swing to put behind our new grain bin. It kept getting delayed. Until now...

He welded together some old iron beds, built a shade arbor topped off with rusty old bed springs, and then wired this beautiful chandelier to twinkle sweetly with the stars! I love it so much. Isn't it wonderful!


Come by and swing with us! Just remember, you can't have Jay.

Thank you, Jay. You turned a river of tears into a waterfall of happiness.


  1. So sorry for your loss ~ my heart goes out to you. On a happy note, that is an awesome bed. Glad Jay made you smile :)

  2. Oh sweet Alice, I'm so sorry about your dad! I know you heart is broken, as is mine! You have such a lovely family! I will pray for you! Love you guys!

  3. oh my favorite gypsy queen aunt! I am so glad that you have a Jay to turn your very sad days into bed swing surprises! I can't wait to bring the P by for a swing next time we are in GA. We love you!!!!
    ki and the Pea

  4. Sad days are made bearable by those who love us... you are blessed to have your awesome Jay. My sincerest sympathy for your loss. You both continue to delight with your whimsical creations!