Thursday, April 12, 2012

A room with a view

Have you ever seen A Room With A View? The moment that they throw open the shutters to discover their view has been our daily routine for the last two weeks. What a magical view we have had. The colors of Spain are bright and white and worn and washed. Deep yellows that are softened by pink or punched with deep blue. Whitewashed houses with pink and red and purple flowers falling out of the window sills. Reminders of the One who makes the view by hand are peppered on every corner. In Sevilla, we have had the honor of a view that has been gifted with the sweet gentle fragrance of orange blossoms. Everywhere you go you are surrounded with this heavenly scent. Oh, how I wish I could bottle it all and bring it home to you all. My pictures and commentary do not do it justice. Our plane leaves on Saturday and we will be so happy to be home but we will have this special treasure tucked away in our souls to take out and savor over and over again. Enjoy the pictures and have a lovely day.

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