Monday, November 22, 2010

see you later, alligator?

We have seen our share of odd and unusual things at the store but yesterday took the cake. We have rescued kittens from giant holes, birds from our ceiling rafters, and even a baby Opossum on our front walkway last week but yesterday....

yesterday, we had a customer run up and tell us there was an alligator out front. It took a minute to process as she stood there with wild eyes almost yelling, "there is an alligator out here". Of course, no worries for us if anything involves critters. Jay's days of turtle trapping kicked in to first gear and in no time flat, he had him an little alligator. The little fellow was really dry and we figured that he was either looking for water or he had heard about how cool our store was and he was coming to do a little Sunday shopping.

Now, since I am and I come from a long legacy of Georgia Bulldogs graduates, we didn't really see a need for a pet gator at the store. So, as quickly as we could, we returned this baby to the nearest flowing creek to live happily ever after. Godspeed my little friend!


  1. OMG! Never a dull moment at Alice and Jay! Glad you didn't keep the little creature for a purse or belt.

  2. Yay! Jay to the rescue!

    P.S. My sweet peep, I've been thinking of ya!

  3. I just watched an episode of Billy the Exterminator trying to remove an alligator from a duck blind. I think he needs to worry about his job if Jay is in the neighborhood!